Washington Post: Stable housing may prevent readmissions

The Washington Post’s recent blogpost, “Want to keep people out of the hospital? Make sure they have a place to live,” highlights an approach to reducing hospital admissions by helping clients who may be experiencing homelessness to find housing and connect them with resources to keep them stable in the community. Featuring client stories from Chicago’s Heartland Human Care Services, the article exemplifies that people’s community and environment play a strong role in their ability to manage medical concerns.

A striking proportion of the patients with the most costly and complex conditions are either homeless or one step away from that in precarious or temporary housing. It stands to reason that providing secure housing to people with chronic illnesses might help… It’s hard to care for yourself when you have no place to sleep, when you lack a refrigerator for your diabetes medicines, when you have no private space to regroup as you experience whatever you are dealing with.

While the Bridge Model does not focus specifically on housing, Bridge Care Coordinators address the many biopsychosocial aspects of clients’ lives to help support seamless care across settings.

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