Report highlights importance of stakeholder collaboration in addressing readmissions

The non-profit employer group Northeast Business Group on Health‘s recent report Reducing Hospital Readmissions through Stakeholder Collaboration highlights the need for health systems, community agencies, health plans to work together to reduce hospital readmissions.

While many readmission reduction efforts are underway in the marketplace, few, if any, have the shared data analytics, integrated care models, robust employee outreach and communication, and economic sustainability features.

Hospital readmissions can be a symptom of siloed systems of care, and often takes immense resources to address (as the report outlines). The report encourages health systems and health plans to share data with each other and with community agencies  in a timely manner with the goal of true collaboration among partners.

The Bridge Model emphasizes partnership building across various agencies that provide services for Bridge clients in order to best meet needs and address systemic issues leading to readmissions.

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