November: It’s National Caregiver Month!

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In honor of National Family Caregivers Month, AARP and Caregiver Action Network are hosting a Caregiving in America forum.  As a speaker, ITCC’s Robyn Golden (Rush University Medical Center, Health and Aging) will address “How Do We Better Support Caregivers?” The forum will be held in Chicago on Thursday, November 14, and a live stream will be available for those unable to join in person.

Family and other informal caregivers play a key role in a transition home from the hospital. Because of this, Bridge Care Coordinators often place a large focus of their work on caregiver support. President Barack Obama acknowledges the importance of programs that work to support family caregivers. One such initiative Obama recognizes is the Community-based Care Transitions Program (CCTP) that works to reintegrate individuals into the community after a hospitalization:

Under the Affordable Care Act, patients and caregivers can benefit from a new Medicare pilot program [CCTP] that helps beneficiaries negotiate the transition from hospital to home… With caregivers already balancing their own needs with those of their loved ones, and in many cases caring for both young children and aging parents, our Nation’s caregivers need and deserve our support. With this in mind, local agencies work to connect individuals with options including adult day care, respite care, training programs, and caregiver support groups — all shaped with the understanding that the generous women and men who take the health of their loved ones into their hands should not suffer from the toll caregiving can take.

Six CCTP partnerships are implementing the Bridge Model as they help support clients and their caregivers to ease the transition home.

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