ITCC’s Robyn Golden to be panelist at NTOCC National Transitions of Care Summit

NTOCC - National Transitions of Care Coalition The National Transitions of Care Coalition (NTOCC) has invited ITCC’s Robyn Golden, Director of Health & Aging at Rush University Medical Center, to present at their 2013 National Transitions of Care Summit. The 2013 Summit will be on December 2 in Washington, DC, and will bring together national stakeholders in addressing care transitions, from policy makers to care facility leaders.

Robyn Golden will be featured as a panelist on the topic of “Community Based Care Transitions Program (CCTP): Progress, Challenges and The Way Forward”. CCTP is a landmark initiative, funded by the Affordable Care Act, that gives community-based organizations the opportunity to lead a care transitions intervention in partnership with area hospital(s). Six collaborations around the country are implementing the Bridge Model through CCTP, and ITCC is excited to be able to share insight gained from this experience at the NTOCC Summit.



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