Replication Sites

The Bridge Model Collaborative is made up of the many community organizations and hospitals around the nation who are replicating Bridge:

  1. Rush University Medical Center*, Chicago, IL
  2. Aging Care Connections*, Chicago area, IL
  3. Solutions for Care*, Chicago area, IL
  4. Shawnee Health Service, Carbondale area, IL
  5. Kenneth Young Center*, Chicago area, IL
  6. North Shore Senior Center*, Chicago area, IL
  7. PLOWS Council on Aging*, Chicago area, IL
  8. Partners in Care Foundation*, San Fernando, ca
  9. Heights and Hills*, Brooklyn, NY
  10. CRIS Healthy Aging Center*, Danville, IL
  11. Philadelphia Corporation for Aging*
  12. Tri-County Office on Aging*, Lansing, MI
  13. Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia, Brunswick, GA
  14. North Dakota Department of Human Services, Aging Services Division
  15. Presbyterian Villages of Michigan, Detroit, MI
  16. Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Canada
  17. University of Chicago, Center for Health and the Social Sciences, Chicago, IL
  18. Heart of Georgia Regional Commission, Baxley, GA
  19. Northwest Georgia Regional Commission,
  20. Central Savannah River Area Regional Commission
  21. Southern Georgia Regional Commission
  22. Southwest Georgia Council on Aging
  23. Area Agency on Aging and Disabilities of Southwest Washington, Vancouver, WA
  24. Aging & Long-Term Care of Southeast WA, Yakima, WA
  25. Aging & Long-Term Care of Eastern WA, Spokane, WA
  26. MultiCare Health System, WA
  27. Central Texas Council of Governments, Belton, TX
  28. Heart of Texas Council of Governments, Waco, TX
  29. Three Rivers Regional Commission, Griffin, GA
  30. Middle Georgia Regional Commission, Macon, GA
  31. Legacy Link Area Agency on Aging, Oakwood, GA
  32. 26 Illinois hospitals and organizations through the Illinois Hospital Association’s Preventing Readmissions through Effective Partnerships Program

* Designates sites awarded the Community-based Care Transitions Program, a demonstration program created by Section 3026 of the Affordable Care Act, that supports community-based organizations to collaborate with hospitals and other service providers to reduce hospital readmissions for high-risk Medicare beneficiaries