Bridge Model National Office

Bridge Model National Office (BMNO)

BMNO brings together organizations that have a long history of serving and advocating on behalf of older adults and caregivers in Illinois. Experienced social workers comprise BMNO’s leadership. BMNO includes hospitals, community-based organizations in the Aging Network, a large urban medical center and medical school, and a health policy research think-tank:

Each BMNO member agency has key staff who are involved in the continual development, evaluation, and dissemination of the Bridge Model:

  • Aging Care Connections
    • Debra Verschelde, MA, LSW, Executive Director
    • Jessica Grabowski, LSW, Social Services Director
    • Amy Crawford, LSW, Aging Resource Center Program Manager*
  • Shawnee Alliance, Social Service Division; Shawnee Health Service
    • Carol Aronson, Division Director
  • Solutions for Care
    • Deborah Sitz, RN, MS, Executive Director
  • Rush Health and Aging at Rush University Medical Center
    • Robyn Golden, MSW, Director
    • Walter Rosenberg, LSW, Assistant Director and Administrator, Manager of Transitional Care*
  • University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Public Health and Center for Research on Health and Aging
    • Susan Altfeld, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • University of Michigan School of Social Work
    • Xiaoling Xiang, PhD, MSW, MPhil, Assistant Professor
  • Health and Medicine Policy Research Group
    • Phyllis Mitzen, MSW, Consultant, Center for Long-term Care Reform
    • Sharon Post, Director, Center for Long-term Care Reform*
    • Renae Alvarez, MPH, Policy Analyst, Center for Long-term Care Reform*

* designates members of the BMNO Operations Team, who manage operations, communications, training efforts, and the Bridge Model Collaborative.